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At Peregrine Capital, as one of the longest running hedge fund managers in South Africa, our purpose since 1998 is our clients' wealth. We grow this by consistently delivering exceptional fund performance whilst managing our clients' hard earned capital with utmost care. We value the trust our clients place in us, and it is through our performance that we demonstrate our commitment.
Our mission

At Peregrine Capital, our mission is to create and grow the wealth of our clients. We have assembled an exceptional team of investment professionals who are responsible for the consistent application and refinement of our tried and tested, investment process, to generate market leading returns for our clients.

We aim to attract like-minded clients who believe in our investment process and who seek long term partnership as a means of maximising and preserving their wealth.

Our history
Our values

At Peregrine Capital, our values are the foundation of our business. With a Day One mentality, we have prioritised excellence, integrity, performance, client-centricity, collaboration, a long-term focus, and continuous improvement. These values guide us in everything we do.

Our partners trust us with their hard-earned capital, and we understand the weight of this responsibility. We manage their investments prudently and thoughtfully, knowing that their financial prosperity is in our hands.

With our expertise and unwavering focus, we aim to surpass expectations. Our goal is to consistently deliver exceptional performance while managing our clients` capital with care. We value the trust our clients place in us, and it is through our performance that we demonstrate our commitment.

Our philosophy
Peregrine Capital’s investment philosophy is rooted in our fundamental, bottom-up, valuation focused approach. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to identify superior and inferior business models and management teams, to estimate expected returns, and to rationally buy and sell securities according to our estimate of intrinsic value. We conduct rigorous qualitative and quantitative assessments of companies we choose to invest in, to enhance the degree of confidence we have in our model assumptions. While we believe that embracing complex situations often gives us an advantage against our competitors, we are acutely aware of macro-economic variables like interest rates, currencies and commodity prices that are largely unknowable, and where we have no “edge”.
We attempt to balance margin of safety and opportunity cost to ensure we get the most appropriate return for the risk we are prepared to assume, and our conviction levels are reflected in our position sizes. While we see value in diversification, we are willing to concentrate our portfolios in high conviction ideas when we identify exceptional opportunities. We regularly review past decisions, especially our errors, to institutionalise lessons from these missteps as a means of building and improving upon our investment process.
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